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Purveyor of fine Aha moments, nature connection workshops and creative project management.

Conversing with Nature

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been…

Logo and Identity for Cultivate

Cultivate is a local food project from Newtown in Mid Wales.…

Identity and Logo design for Laura H Drane Associates

Logo design for Laura H Drane associates, arts and creativity…

How To Make A Meditation Stool

How can you meditate or pray for 20 minutes and not fall asleep? How can…

Thin Places

In Celtic spirituality certain locations were called ‘thin places’…

Conversing with Nature

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been exploring and…

Story and Ritual for Winter Solstice

A story from the edge of the Roman and Celtic world shortly after the time…

Logo design from Mid Wales

I've been in Wales for a couple of years now and am enjoying working with…

February Wishing Exercise: Being, Doing & Having

Wishing exercises sit at the beginning of my life coaching work with clients…

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Is brexit panning out as you hoped @giles_fraser? I hope no-one paid any attention to you.

@Chorister9 there wasn't much of me to wash being 5 so a bucket or two would've done.

40 years ago today I possibly had a bath with a friend. twitter.com/bbcweather/sta…

@RewildingEurope um, speaking as a brand developer, not sure about the car and plastic banner, but HB2U anyway.

Perhaps what we need is for all the Politicians to resign and for some competent and practical people from the real world to take charge?