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Conversing with Nature

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been…

Logo and Identity for Cultivate

Cultivate is a local food project from Newtown in Mid Wales.…

Identity and Logo design for Laura H Drane Associates

Logo design for Laura H Drane associates, arts and creativity…


Happiness And Chocolate at Wychwood 2008

The first of this summer's festivals for Embody will be the wonderful

Happiness For Life and Vulnerable Young People

Can happiness, positive psychology and life coaching techniques help young…

Earth Abbey Concept Development and Design

I'm really happy to reveal one of the major project embody is involved…

The 101 Names For Happiness

The other night I was lying in the bath listening to Just a Minute on Radio…

Seven Sayings in Finnish

A few years ago I created the seven sayings animations on rejesus.co.uk…

About Embody

Embody is a fresh thinking, design creating, project managing, life coaching,…

Foundation Bristol: Little Service: Babettes Feast

The little service has turned a corner in creativity in the last few months.…

Model Greenbelt

Look! It's a 1/72nd model of Greenbelt complete with Tiny Tea Tent. Recreated…

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Is brexit panning out as you hoped @giles_fraser? I hope no-one paid any attention to you.

@Chorister9 there wasn't much of me to wash being 5 so a bucket or two would've done.

40 years ago today I possibly had a bath with a friend. twitter.com/bbcweather/sta…

@RewildingEurope um, speaking as a brand developer, not sure about the car and plastic banner, but HB2U anyway.

Perhaps what we need is for all the Politicians to resign and for some competent and practical people from the real world to take charge?