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Conversing with Nature

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been…

Logo and Identity for Cultivate

Cultivate is a local food project from Newtown in Mid Wales.…

Identity and Logo design for Laura H Drane Associates

Logo design for Laura H Drane associates, arts and creativity…


Marriage makes you happier

Legend has it amongst slightly dubious positive psychology research that…

Moodify 007

Is bad news always bad news? Here is a moodify card with lyrics to a song…

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@DocBrush I'm pleased to hear that! There can be only ONE.
27 Aug 14

Walking the dog scouring the hedges for the choice blackberry described by @embody_uk on foraging walk. Finally found 1 - yummy flavour.
27 Aug 14

Back from a damp @greenbelt - loved the new site & atmosphere great. Really beautiful. Well done @RevMartinPoole etc for worship.
25 Aug 14

New ways out of old ruts re when talking #ClimateChange climateconviction.org @dontignore__cc Offers insight, hope pic.twitter.com/5lUCh72LdM
19 Aug 14

My contributions to Greenbelt Forest Church Grove strand: Foraging sessions, Sensio Divina(s) and Tea Ceremonies. See you there #gb14
19 Aug 14