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Conversing with Nature

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been…

Logo and Identity for Cultivate

Cultivate is a local food project from Newtown in Mid Wales.…

Identity and Logo design for Laura H Drane Associates

Logo design for Laura H Drane associates, arts and creativity…


Local Food Through EarthAbbey’s Grow Zones permaculture project

Grow Zones is a project that I've been running in Bristol for the last…

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Powis Castle today for free. Much wrestling of nature to achieve the look. #notsureidpay pic.twitter.com/Pn0SUSKHhG
13 Sep 14

@climategeorge well done.
12 Sep 14

Badgers matter. #StopTheCull pic.twitter.com/bsmeoDRHgs
8 Sep 14

Very nice sir @Ratiotype I remember when st nick's market used to have it by the bucket load in the early 90's.
9 Sep 14

SeaWorld - save your money on super-size tanks. Orcas need the ocean! - The Ecologist - bit.ly/1w3U3U9
7 Sep 14