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Ecosystem Services and Putting A Price on Nature

03 February 2013

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Ecosystem Services and Putting A Price on Nature

Does it help our view of nature if we measure its financial value?

Logo design from Mid Wales

02 August 2012

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Logo design from Mid Wales

​Logo, branding and identity work from Mid Wales

02 April 2012

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Embody project gets a magazine spread

Fine Pluck which is a project managed by Embody has been covered by The Edible Garden Magazine in its spring / summer 2012 edition.

07 February 2012

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Free Tea poster for Fine Pluck

How to forage for tea in the UK

09 December 2009

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Design Services For Print and Web

Icons, illustrations, photo montages and books – ink on paper, pixels on screens; Bruce Stanley has 20 years experience as a senior designer working in print, TV title design, interactive web design (in the days when flash was cool) and now app design. Now working from Mid Wales.

06 June 2009

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Your Farm for £25 – Community Supported Agriculture

This week I attended the first management meeting for a new community supported agriculture (CSA) that is setting up just south of Bristol. In a nutshell the membership own the farm as a kind of co-op. The farmer is guaranteed an income and the food is local and seasonal for the membership.

28 May 2009

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Local Food Through EarthAbbey’s Grow Zones permaculture project

Grow Zones is a project that I've been running in Bristol for the last few months – growing food and friendships. It is a practical project for EarthAbbey which accounts for about a fifth of my time and here is a short movie that tells you all about it.

28 October 2008

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BBC Bristol news feature on Happiness For Life

Happiness For Life is very at home in its new venue of the Pierien Centre in Bristol. The local BBC radio news stumbled across the course just before the present run – never tell a news anchor that 'not listening to the news' might make you happier. Anyway, here's the final interview.

06 May 2008

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How to unlock your creative motivation

Take a look at these five key motivations for the creative process and work out where the force is strong with you. Tailoring your work to suit your strengths and weaknesses can mean jobs become rewarding activities rather than laborious headaches. Most people are strongly motivated by only one or two of the following. It might help to imaging a recent project from your own work.

25 April 2008

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The Delight of Little Things (and patience)

Is it an age thing; succumbing to the desire to grow things? Compost and seeds + six months = food. I'm with Jamie on this; dig for victory. Anyway, it is all a good lesson in patience (I had to wait a whole week for this to show – and how happy I was).

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