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31 January 2007

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Ten Questions To Boost Your Creativity

You are capable of generating such brilliant creativity that you could solve most problems that you might otherwise ask an ‘expert’ to advise you about. You could invent something totally new – you could walk around your own house and see it as if for the first time and shine inspiring creativity into every corner, after all, this isn’t just about problem solving.

22 December 2006

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How To Have A Happy Christmas

Some suggestions and interventions, To give Christmas some cheer. There are two for each day, Through to the new year.

03 December 2006

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Your Happiness Is Like The Elephant and the Rider ...

Do you ever find yourself hard to understand? Are there times when you notice yourself giving yourself a good talking to: “Why did I do that?”, “I should have done this not that.” The classic inner dialogue word to listen out for is “should”.

25 November 2006

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10 Questions To Manifest The Impossible

The poet laureate Robert Southey, when he wasn’t quilling epic poems about Joan of Arc, Robespierre or Nelson, said this: “To a resolute mind, wishing to do is the first step toward doing. But if we do not wish to do a thing it becomes impossible.” Isn’t that fantastic?

17 November 2006

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Facilitating Creative Meetings

“Every new idea is born drowning” said Bob Woodruff. Have you ever been in a group when some creativity was called for and everyone was too scared to suggest an idea in case someone else squashed it?

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