Through the emberdays project I am attempting to present spiritual exploration via the use of interactive media. Drawing on my experience of alternative worship (Resonance in Bristol) and a long-standing interest in Spirituality I have long thought that a web space would be an appropriate place to explore spirituality and your constructive feedback would be appreciated. I hope that I am pushing some boundaries somewhere.

Emberdays has proved to be quite a time consuming and challenging endeavor so apologies for those who would like to see more regular updates. I am always on the lookout for people who can contribute work or ideas so if that's you please get in contact. And I remain ever thankful to Jennie Brown who helped extensively to get the thing going.

Emberdays is an un-funded project produced by (EMBODY), a design and creative project development thing run by Bruce. If you have any desire to make changes to that un-funded status I would love to hear from you. With some funding emberdays could be achieving a lot more.

Bruce Stanley
Originally trained as a Graphic Designer I spent the next five years being a circus performer and storyteller with Two Across physical theatre company (those were the days) with graphic design going on in the background. Now I am a designer and lecturer in new media. Emberdays came from mixture of frustration with no longer having anywhere to say anything and the opportunities available from new media applications.

I am most proud of the pieces on the site that allows you to do what you want without pushing you. You can select your own level of involvement.

The work has led on to funded projects of a similar nature notably the online version of the St. Paul's Labyrinth commissioned by YFC and a site in development with Ship of Fools editor Simon Jenkins called 'rejesus', online summer 2002. And it is quite fun to have been invited to speak at Greenbelt and on BBC 1's The Heaven and Earth show about online spirituality. I am also trying to develop a book and site on the theme of 'Thin Places'. (Boy this is out of date. I really do mean to do some more soon!)

Contact me with your comments (and thanks to those of you who have, it is always encouraging) and if you want to contribute work to be included on the site click the image below to email.