Prayer can often seem difficult and listening to God even harder. If you are used to sitting still with your eyes closed and find that stifling then experiential prayer is for you.

You will find the results from experiential prayer energising and holistic and discover that deeper parts of you are involved in prayer.

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Experiential prayer is about utilysing your five senses together with your prayer. It can often involve getting out into the countryside to integrate with nature. These exercises are also ideal for groups to use.

Getting experiential can also allow you to involve your feelings in prayer and it can seem that your dialogue with God is all the more thorough.

Review a prayer.
Try out some of the exercises that follow and submit a review of the ones you have found helpfull. You will find a link at the bottom of each page.

Submit an exercise.
You can even submit your own ideas to be included. Email for more info.

At Greenbelt this year I, dressed in pyjamas*, ran a seminar on experiential prayer. During which people working in pairs were invited to write an experiential prayer exercise for possible inclusion on this list. To get creativity going the pair could choose randomly from three different piles of paper. These were sayings of Jesus, senses and elements. So, they might have ended up with ‘Follow me’, touch and water and would have come up with an exercise incorporating those ideas. Quite difficult.

If you want a go yourself click here to open a random experiential prayer brief generator and then if you want to contribute the exercise send it in. The final prayers that have been included in this list have the initials ‘GB’ next to them.

*that’s another story but click here for a photo.

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