eleven: body prayers
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  This is a physical prayer exercise from resonance and various other alternative worship groups. This repetitive prayer form uses the whole body to move in time with the prayer.  

1. I use this prayer in a meditative state in a room lit by candlelight and some ambient music playing quietly.

2. Stand up with your arms straight out to your side and your palms pointing to the ceiling and pray: "Creator God". Bring your hands together in front of you, forming a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers, and pray: "The three in one". Keeping the triangle shape, move your hands down to touch the ground and pray: "Be in this place". Stand up again and place the triangle over your chest praying, "Be in my heart", and over your forehead praying, "Be in my mind". Take the triangle above your head and pray: "I love you and adore you". Bring your hands down to the starting point and you can start to pray again.

3. When I pray this prayer, I repeat it a number of times as part of an office or longer prayer time. Try altering the speed at which you pray this body prayer and try developing your own words or actions. If you want to share them with others, send them here.

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