eight: sand triquetra
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  I was sitting on a beach on Iona, as you do, and my friend Kath showed me how to draw a triquetra in the sand. The triquetra is the Celtic sign of the trinity. I now draw them whenever I am on a sandy beach and take photos of them to remind me.  

Worms Head
Gower, Wales

1. The basic triquetra is made with three simple arcs connecting the points of a equilateral triangle. Start by drawing the first ark. From the point you finish the first arc, draw the second so that it intersects the first two-thirds of the way along. At this point, the symbol looks like a fish. The final arc joins the two end points. You could get technical and turn this into a parallel line, endless knotwork drawing.

2. Pray a prayer such as this one (known as the trisagion, or "three holies") from the Eastern Church:

Holy God
Holy and strong
Holy and immortal
Have mercy on me

3. Take a photo of your sand triquetra. When you get home, stick the photo on your fridge.

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