twenty-three : open air
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  A combination of two very similar submissions here. Inspired by 'Air', 'Touch' and 'I am with you always'. I am assured that this is a very sensory exercise by one of its creators.  

1: Go to a high or wide-open space on warm day with no risk of hypothermia. Stand or sit in T-shirt and shorts if possible to expose as much of your skin as is decent.

2: Become aware of the type of breeze moving over your skin and the sound it makes in your ears.

3: As you breathe in and out, become aware of your breath coming from and going back into the wind. Let this symbolise the Holy Spirit carrying you in your prayer and leading your prayer to new places. Stay until you feel ready to face the world.

[Lizzie, Gayle, Vikki, Sarah and Jessamy.]

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