nine: journey
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  In Celtic spirituality, certain locations - especially islands, mountains and springs - became sacred and were visited by people on relevant occasions. They were called "thin places", because here the division between heaven and earth was said to be at its narrowest.  

1. At various times on our life's journey we come to landmarks. These are times of change or revelation. Times when the future is not clear and we need help. If this is true for you now, think about making a physical journey where you will be able to get in touch with your feelings and share your burden with God.

2. It could be that you need refreshment. In which case, find a spring or river and pay it a visit. Or maybe you could do with a time of separation to sort out a confusing situation. What better place to visit than an island isolated from the world? Or perhaps you want to seek Gods nearness and perspective. I have found climbing a hill or mountain useful at such times.

3. Once you have completed your journey, write about what you did and how it was for you. You can send your experience to be included on embody's thin places list.

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