three: prayer beads
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  The two main problems I find when praying with my eyes closed in a comfortable chair are that either my mind begins to wander or that I drift off to sleep. Counting beads through your fingers helps concentration and focus. It's a left and right brain thing.  

1. To make a string of prayer beads, I have used 25 blue glass beads about 8mm in diameter and a length of durable leather twine about 34cm long. Once threaded and tied the prayer beads resemble a bracelet with a 2cm length of space to allow the beads to be counted with the thumb.

2. As you count each bead, repeat a short prayer or blessing. I use the Jesus Prayer. Or use each bead to represent a person or situation you are praying for.

3. You can use prayer beads in combination with the Jesus Prayer or as part of a relaxation or breathing exercise.

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