five: throwing stones into the sea
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  Sometimes I struggle to get in touch with how I feel, but I still need to express something. Perhaps I'm angry. Or I'm sorry. Perhaps all I want to do is throw stones into the sea. Frustrated energy can also be channelled into other activities like chopping logs, energetic gardening or cleaning. Doing something menial allows your subconscious to work on the problem 150%; and the endorphines can help, too.  

Criccieth beach

1. You need to visit a beach or riverbank that has stones or pebbles. If you have a fairly large-scale map, it will tell you where you can find shingle. Ensure that you will not be endangering anyone with your stone-throwing!

2. Spend some time meditating on how you feel.

3. Throw a pebble into the water. Allow this movement to express how you are feeling or to represent a particular prayer. You can repeat this as many times as you like or as long as there are pebbles left.

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