thirteen: prayer soup
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  Soup is a marvellous foodstuff. Words like wholesome, healthy and comforting spring to mind. What better prayer exercise than to combine your care for a friend with making them some soup. Can't go wrong with soup!  

1. Plan a soup and go shopping for the ingredients. My favourite soup is a basic vegetable and lentil soup to which you can add lumps of cheese or garlic sausage. It is simple to make. 3/4 fill a large stock pot with roughly chopped veg (onion, leek, carrot, swede, potato or whatever you can find). Just cover with water and bring to boil and add a cup of red lentils. Then add 2 or 3 veg stock cubes, seasoning and a few chilli seeds. An hour later mash or blend. And it's ready. You should have some left to freeze.

2. As you are buying and cooking the ingredients you can hold in mind the person you are praying for. Asking God to bless them and meet their needs.

3. Then you take the soup to them. Letting them know, if you like, that it is a prayer soup. They digest their prayer.

[submitted by Neil Lambert]


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