seven: make a kneeling stool
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  Your body language is a reflection of your mood, and by changing your body language you can alter your mood. A prayer stool is an aid to prayer in the same way. With some practice you can learn to relax and listen to God in a kneeling posture without drifting off to sleep. Is it just me that has that problem?  

1. You will need a small amount of wood and some way of fixing the legs to the seat. I used an old pine shelf 12cm wide and 2cm thick, and some small metal right-angle brackets with screw holes. The seat is 47cm long and the legs are 18cm high at the back and 15cm high at the front.

2. The finished stool has a sloping seat at roughly 10 degrees and is just high enough to get your feet comfortably under.

3. It will take some time to get used to keeping your back straight and relaxing when using the stool. Try watching the television using it and do have fun asking your friends what they think it is and how they would use it as a piece of furniture.

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